Seven Grams Caffé

Snack-Size Thumbprint Cookies (2 Boxes)


Holiday-ready snack-size cookies: 2 boxes of our handmade Thumbprint Cookies, crafted using a flaky, buttery cookie base, and topped with vibrantly colorful apricot and raspberry preserves. Each box holds 10 snackable Thumbprint Cookies.

These snack-size creations are hand-made, using only the finest, all-natural ingredients, and are free of preservatives and additives. They have a crunchy exterior and a melt-in-your-mouth interior.

We recommend you have the cookies before the Best-By date (you can find it on your cookie box). Once you open the box, the cookies' freshness will be best maintained if stored in a sealed bag or box (like the resealable box they arrive in), or an airtight container, for up to one week (though it takes serious character to not devour them long before that.)

And, pro tip: You really DON’T want to keep your cookies in the refrigerator. Trust us on this one.

INGREDIENTS: Butter, Unbleached Flour, Sugar, Vanilla, Apricot Preserve, Raspberry Preserve.


Our cookies are produced using shared equipment in a facility which processes dairy, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, and sesame. Please know that we are not an allergy-free bakery.

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