Independent. Roasters. Bakers.

That’s who we are, and that’s what we do: We roast great coffee, we bake sensational cookies (and cakes, and brownies, but, come on – the cookies), and we take immense pride in being a small, independent business. No investors, no suits, no big corporates. Just a dream, hard work, and a deep passion for what we do.

What does "Seven Grams" mean?

We’re not starting a Breaking Bad inspired cartel. But yes, the thing we’re doing does involve some cooking and an exact formula to make things just right. The name Seven Grams is an ode to the true Italian standard, where the perfect espresso shot is made out of exactly seven grams of ground premium coffee. And that is what we’re all about – the absolute best cup of coffee, and the freshest, most decadent baked goods.

Our Coffee 

Sipping on a cup of coffee is our daily moment of Zen. That’s why we aspire to make the perfect cup of coffee with the purest, best quality, freshest coffee bean. We roast every single bean we use, and take great pride in our carefully-selected bean portfolio spanning different regions, altitudes, processing methods and varietals.

Our Baked Goods 

We get down and dirty with our bakes. We hand-make everything from scratch, in-house, using only the finest ingredients, and baking every online order fresh-to-order. We trialed countless recipes for almost a year, and the only products that made the cut are ones that made us close our eyes and smile. We are emotionally invested in every Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bread and Financier that leaves our kitchen, and we were giggly for a good 24 hours when a customer told us our Banana Chocolate Bread reminded her of home.